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I'm interested in working with unexpected materials - and particularly recycled/found materials.  In 2006, I designed the Conversation Table which was featured in several magazines, blogs, and exhibitions.  The iconic “speech bubble” shape combined with the material choice makes this a unique table a great conversation piece.

"Conversation Table" by Leo Kempf, 2006. Corrugated cardboard, hardboard, and laminated hardboard spacers.

In 2018, I was excited to launch the cardboard bathroom decor items. Like augmented reality for people on the toilet - with a legitimate function.  This design project brings some humor and fun to bathroom decor.  Your extra rolls of toilet paper are transformed into iconic symbols of our time - the "typing text" speech bubble and the location pin/check-in icon.

Texting Toilet Paper Holder and Location Pin Toilet Paper Holder are available for purchase at in LKD signature corrugate style, harking back to the LKD Conversation Table.  A cool, natural, soft look with the same function as the standard wood product.  Shop Now

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