Tired Lounge.  A rocking chair made from recycled tire.
Wall shelf with recycled tire inlay.
Conversation Table - Constructed from cardboard & hardboard, this table is sure to spur conversation.
Valley Cardboard Shelf
Way Basics - Revolutionary Eco Modular Furniture
Sketches and Art
Programmable Thermostat Concept
Cessna Jet Interior Concept
Light Mixer
Olive's Cat House
Gravity Powered Shelf Amplified Identity
Old TV Revived
Bent Ply Shelf
Personal Flotation Device Concept
Low License Plate Table
Ercoupe National Convention Logo
Light Fixture
Portable Drawing Surface
Kempf Christmas Cards
Xikar Knife Concept
Expandable Luggage
Chicken Coop Goggle Concept
To-Go Concept Packaging
Bell Chem
Roadster Sketch